Tips to Prevent Cyberbullying

Bullies have been around forever, but with internet and smart devices, they have a new platform. Online harassment can have dire emotional consequences on kids. It can be difficult to protect your child if you don’t understand the problem.

Children should go to their parents when something like this happens. However, the parents are the last ones to know about such problems. The reason behind is that children are afraid to get into more trouble.

With the increase in awareness of cyberbullying, parents have learned few ways to deal with it. It is important that parents and children take measures to prevent cyberbullying before it gets worse. Take a look at what parents and children can do to stop cyberbullying.

What Parents Can Do

  1. You should develop trust with your children.
  2. When you have their trust, you don’t need to break their privacy to stay aware of their actions.
  3. It’s best to have restrictions, but you should explain the reasons for having set these limitations.
  4. Discuss online safety and internet use. You can ask your child to help in setting the rules. As a result of this, they will be more inclined to follow them.
  5. You should create accounts on social networking websites. Ask your child to show you their profiles.
  6. Teach your child about what kind of pictures are appropriate and what kind of pictures they should never post online – once it’s there, it can never be taken down.
  7. You should tell your kids that they should not respond to any cyberbullying threats or comments. They should not also delete any messages. It is better to get the messages printed with the name of the cyberbully. This is essential as you will need proof of cyberbullying.
  8. You should never tell your child to deal with bullying alone. You must understand the emotional pain and effects it can have on your child.
  9. Don’t use threats about confiscating their devices; this will only encourage them to being secretive.
  10. In case the cyberbullying escalates or threats may involve physical violence, you should go to law enforcement.
  11. Remember that it can also very well be your child participating in cyberbullying. That’s why boundaries and trust and dialogue between parents and their children is important.

What Kids Can Do

  1. Never reply to a harassing message or action, it will only encourage more harassment.
  2. You should not get involved by forwarding the message to any other kid.
  3. Print out the messages as a proof of cyberbullying.
  4. It is better to tell an adult immediately if you are being bullied. Getting help from an adult is advised as they will help you solve the problem before it escalates.
  5. Cyberbullying is never the victims fault and it can always be stopped by letting your parents or guardians know about the situation.


If your kid or you have experienced cyberbullying, share your experience with us. Leave a comment in the section below and let us know what you did to solve the problem.

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